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Warecorp is a Minneapolis-based international web and software development firm with full-time employees in Minsk-Belarus, Warsaw-Poland, Tbilisi-Georgia and across the United States.

Due to our high degree of accountability, strong processes and development protocols, we have become the go-to engineering source for companies and agencies seeking high-quality, visionary development at affordable prices.

Chris Dykstra



Jerome Hamilton

Chief Operating Officer

Sarmeesha Reddy

EVP Strategy

Vitaly Ioskevich

Director of Engineering

Jason Grey


Roman Grishkevich

General Manager

Stas Belov

Delivery Director

Mark Teskey

Head of Engineering

Natalia Charniauskaya

Regional Director - Georgia

Jeff Armentrout

Sr. Project Manager

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  • 825 Washington Ave SE, Suite #230, Minneapolis, MN

  • 612.223.6300


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