MLOps - Data as the Key to AI

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MLOps - Data as the Key to AI

Learn about how applying the principles of data science can enhance the performance of your machine learning models while improving the efficiency of the development process. Learn how improving your data preparation process can dramatically reduce the operational time and costs required to build and train a model and enhance the value of your output.

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Key Takeaways:

  • MLOps: Learn what MLOps is and how it can benefit your ML projects
  • Data-Driven Insights: Best data science practices help businesses extract more valuable insights from their data, forming the backbone of efficient and effective machine learning models.

  • Less Data for Optimized Models: Data science techniques like feature selection, dimensionality reduction and data curation can improve information density of your datasets, leading to cost savings by reducing computational needs.

  • Enhanced Predictions: By applying data science in preparing and training machine learning models, businesses can make more accurate predictions, driving strategic decision-making.

  • Scalability and Improvement: Data science allows for scalability of machine learning models to handle large data volumes. It also plays a crucial role in the iterative process of model training, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation.

Dr. Jennifer Prendki, Alectio

Jennifer, founder of DataPrepOps startup Alectio, focuses on enabling efficient ML model training with less training data. Previously VP of Machine Learning at Figure Eight, Head of Data Science at Atlassian and Sr. Data Science Manager at Walmart Labs, she is today a recognized expert in Data Preparation, Active Learning, and MLOps.

Manish Harsh, NVIDIA

Manish represents NVIDIA’s Enterprise Product Group, where he plays a pivotal role in fostering partnerships with AI platforms and MLOps solutions providers. His primary focus is on driving the adoption and raising awareness of NVIDIA’s extensive resources for AI development.

Mark Teskey, Warecorp (Host)

Mark Teskey is an experienced technology leader currently serving as the Head of Engineering at Warecorp. With a rich background in product development, software engineering and technical marketing, Mark's career is characterized by his ability to blend technical expertise with strategic vision and leadership, driving innovation and growth across various industries and applications.

Date & Time
Thursday August 10, 2023
12:00 PM 1:00 PM (America/Chicago)


825 Washington Ave SE Suite 230
Minneapolis MN 55414
United States
+1 612-361-2156
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+1 612-361-2156

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