The Big Know


Ambitious Plans

New kind of learning platform


Blending interactivity with video, quizzes, and benchmarking


The end product needed to be a simple, branded experience 



Warecorp built a highly skilled team of engineers, business analysts and testing professionals to architect and code the platform


A Ruby on Rails app with a Javascript/Vue.js front end was utilized


Warecorp works with the TBK team every day to infuse technical quality with user experience


Six months after contracting Warecorp, The Big Know released version one of its online-learning product. Since that time, the platform has grown to serve 10s of thousands of users with an average engagement rate of 56 minutes per learner. Warecorp has hit over 100 consecutive sprints on time, with a 99.99% uptime in the production product.

Update: The Big Know was acquired by MPulse Mobile in Jan of 2021. Warecorp continues to provide product development services to MPulse, and has expanded the engagement to include professional services.