Organic certifiers and staff were having difficulty managing the workflow and needed an intuitive interface to make their internal process more efficient and scalable. Customers on another product for almond growers were experiencing problems completing assessments and understanding what to do next, what was completed, and managing their orchards. Across all products, product management, user experience, and development practices lacked consistency and transparency.


Product Management

User Experiences

Needed to be consistent and transparent to assist almond growers

Development Practices

Strong development leadership was needed from Warecorp to deliver a quality product on time.

Technology Used


Warecorp designed and implemented an intuitive staff dashboard with alerts and indicators of client activity so staff could manage their workflow at a glance and see what needed attention immediately. Customers and staff were interviewed to identify main problems, which were prioritized as new product features. New dashboards and features developed for customer-facing applications. Best industry practices and tools replaced outdated processes, and Agile development methodology adopted for all product features and development. 


SureHarvest staff are able to spend time on more meaningful interactions with customers vs. first-level support about how to use their software. Customers know how to complete assessments, where they are in the process, and what the results are. SureHarvest has a transparent, modern product development and development practice.