Pantheon - Migration

Pantheon was challenged with the complexity of migrating thousands of websites from wherever they were previously hosted to the Pantheon Hosting environment. Our challenge was to create a transparent, automated, and secure process for their customers.



Must be able to handle a wide variety of custom-made sites


The new automated tool and team must adapt all tools and hosting to the Google Cloud Platform


The automated tool and migration team must be more effective than brute-force migration

Technology Used

Google Cloud Platform

A full range of hosting and scalability solutions were leveraged


By customer specification, the Go language was used primarily for the custom tool development.

CMS Platforms

Pantheon's hosting solution focuses on Drupal and WordPress sites and the team needed to be very fluent in both.


Warecorp created, tested, and enhanced an automation tool to migrate ecosystems of websites to the Pantheon hosting environment. To help Pantheon scale to meet demand, a team of engineers supplemented automated processes to improve quality and complete complex content migration tasks.


Pantheon has migrated thousands of websites to Pantheon, cut the time by 80% and continues to meet the demand of scaling their business with Warecorp’s engineering team.