Immersive Data Solutions

The ways people think about and execute the built environment are changing every day, and with that change comes new concerns of how to best manage and improve these facilities. To keep up, people need a detailed, 360-degree view of all of our facilities, paired with anytime access to the right data that will help them make critical and informed decisions for their buildings and the people inside them.

Immersion Data Solutions provides businesses and service providers with this wall-to-wall capability, integrating its extensive field network of image capturing solutions with the robust and intuitive data visualization platform.


Technical Debt

Monolithic hardly-scalable application

Workflow Inefficiencies

Lots of paperwork while sending work orders to contractors

Manual Processing

Lots of manual work collecting and processing imagery taken in the field 

Technology Used

Ruby on Rails

React / React Native

AWS Services


Over the last seven years, Warecorp has worked with IDS to create a system that houses over a million images of over 12,000 property locations for stores like Target, Walmart, Adidas, Lowes, the USPS and many others.