Airborne Athletics

Airborne Athletics came to us to help with lagging speed and performance issues. Their API needed updating, their IoT/Edge needed a holistic overhaul, starting with architecture, and they needed to integrate between the sales process and the operational systems for their eCommerce platform.



An outdated and hard to maintain back-end made scalability difficult

Technical Debt

A new API was required as was a new IoT/Edge strategy + platform.


Many operational systems needed to be tied together to share data

Technology Used

NodeJS Microservices Framework

More scalable, better performance, quicker dev cycles. Hosted on Kubernetes in Azure.


Flexible, fast


Single authentication platform for mobile app users, web app users, edge devices, and partners.


We implemented a gradual migration approach to a new framework to support better results and tied their core platform into HubSpot and WooCommerce.


With a secure and fast backend/API foundation, Airborne was able to scale and extend much easier. Their new machine has now gone through numerous product expansions and revisions.  With fewer clicks for the user, it resulted in more sales for Airborne.