2nd Swing - Modernization

2nd Swing Golf has retail store locations across the United States providing golfers the ability to buy, sell and trade “pre-swung” clubs. With an inventory of more than 80,000 golf clubs, the organization found themselves needing to modernize, consolidate and find a way to provide customers with instant price quotes for trading in clubs.

When 2nd Swing customers wanted to trade-in a used golf club, employees would need to manually look up each club to provide a quote. This caused delays and tied up valuable employee time. The company was utilizing more than 20 legacy apps, but none of them allowed employees to self-serve even the most basic metrics. Additionally, there were integration issues with financial systems that inspired the organization to contact Warecorp to help modernize their systems.


Technical Debt

Unable to support instant price quotes, over 20 legacy applications, needs to integrate with financial systems.


Issues with financial systems causing inaccuracies and delays.


Employees unable to self-serve even basic metrics


Absence of a single pane of glass for unified data visualization and analysis

Technology Used

Google Vision + Tensorflow Lite

Machine vision solution to recognize an individual club + loft

Python 3

Coding language to handle all the Machine Vision tasks and data plumbing

Netsuite + Magento

ERP + e-Commerce solutions


Warecorp created, tested, and enhanced an automation tool to migrate ecosystems of websites to the Pantheon hosting environment. To help Pantheon scale to meet demand, a team of engineers supplemented automated processes to improve quality and complete complex content migration tasks.


Pantheon has migrated thousands of websites to Pantheon, cut the time by 80% and continues to meet the demand of scaling their business with Warecorp’s engineering team.