The Big Know is Acquired by mPulse Mobile

Jan 19, 2021

What to know about mPulse Mobile’s acquisition of The Big Know:

  • mPulse Mobile, a healthtech firm in Encino, Califonia, acquired The Big Know, a Minneapolis-based digital healthcare education company
    • The Big Know, originally launched in 2015 as a part of digital design and consulting firm GoKart, raised $3 million in a Series A round in 2016 led by LFE Capital and including Capella Education Cofounder Steve Shank
    • mPulse Mobile develops conversational AI for healthcare organizations. This acquisition is the company’s third
  • Financial details of the acquisition were not available
  • Allison Gage, President of The Big Know, will become mPulse Mobile’s new Chief Engagement Officer as part of the acquisition

The Quote: Chris Nicholson, CEO and Co-Founder of mPulse Mobile
“We have a mission to improve health equity and health outcomes for the populations that we serve. Building on a foundation of knowledge through demographically appropriate learning strategies will help our clients and us achieve these goals and reduce health disparities. Our combination with The Big Know is a perfect synergy. Our legacy of engaging with hard-to-reach patient populations combines with their dedication to health literacy and formative learning experiences to ensure more educational engagements and greater outcomes.”

Read more about the acquisition of The Big Know in the full release below.
Founded in 2018, Minneapolis-based Brown Venture Group is in the process of raising its inaugural $50 million fund. The fund’s goal is to close the wealth and opportunity gap through inclusive BIPOC investments.

With Black and Latinx founders only representing 2.6% of funding in 2020, Brown Venture Group aims to be a change agent in the technology space and shift the landscape to support diverse founders.

“The partnership with Best Buy represents an important shift in our business community from doing things for communities of color to investing and executing with communities of color in longer-term collaborative business relationships,” Brown Venture Group Co-Founder and Managing Partner Dr. Paul Campbell said. “This hometown partnership is especially meaningful and Best Buy is to be commended for its commitment to co-creating solutions that will lead to greater economic flourishing for contributors of color.”

Brown Venture Group plans to invest in technology startups in various industries across the country, including clean energy and retail, as well as leverage the abundant startup talent that exists within the region and state of Minnesota. For more information, visit

Other company actions

Last June, Best Buy said we would “do better” and, over the last year, we have shared actions we are taking to better address underrepresentation, technology inequities and educational and career opportunities for those who need it most.

Those actions include providing $44 million to expand college prep and career opportunities for BIPOC students and spending at least $1.2 billion with BIPOC and diverse businesses by 2025. Through these pledges, we will focus on several initiatives, including hiring more BIPOC and women employees and creating more opportunities and post-secondary support for youth and emerging talent.

For a complete overview of how we are driving inclusion and diversity within our company and communities, visit our website for more information..

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