Onshore Talent

Get the conversation started…

Access to great offshore technical teams and facilities is only part of what makes Warecorp an ideal web and software outsourcing partner. It is just as important to give you a team you can talk to in person, draw on the whiteboard with, look in the eye if you want to. Each engagement is a little different. Some projects require a great deal of onshore effort and not very much offshore work at all. Others are almost exclusively offshore. In all cases, the onshore team will help you sort it out.

Our engagements usually start in the same place: In a face-to-face conversation with our customer. That conversation may take place in one hour or over several days and is usually facilitated by a Warecorp Partner. The goal of that conversation is to determine what mix of resources and talent needs to be created to accomplish your goals. As more definition is added to the project, onshore roles will be fleshed out. Typically, these are Account Managers, Project Managers, Software Architects, Designers, Business Analysts, Information Architects.

We’d be honored to talk to you about your technology outsourcing needs. Let’s start with the onshore team.