Offshore Software Outsourcing

Our talented, established offshore team

Warecorp has permanent facilities in Minsk, Belarus, the science and engineering hub of the former Soviet Union. As a result of its long history of engineering excellence, Minsk has evolved into one of the largest software outsourcing centers in the world.

It is from this rich breeding ground of technical talent that we have grown our company. About 80 closely-knit employees work in our Minsk office.  We invest in them with on-site English lessons, a wide-variety of continuing education, and a promote-from-within policy that rewards employees for customer happiness.

Members of the Warecorp Minsk team

Teams work in key-card controlled offices in Central Minsk.  All employees have one or more computers, working over a firewalled, high-speed network with multiple redundancies and a 100M/ 1G Lan. We support multiple development environments with automated QA.

Project teams in Minsk are connected to onshore employees and clients via shared project infrastructure. Warecorp provides help desk services for all projects, alert response services, clear executive escalation points, and a follow the sun work schedule.  When necessary, we can adapt to an American holiday schedule and hours.

Hallway conversation

Strategic offshore outsourcing can dramatically benefit businesses. It can reduce costs, speed product delivery, leverage IT investments, streamline maintenance, and build committed, knowledgeable teams for a fraction of the costs of implementing similar plans onshore.

However, building successful offshore teams comes with a unique set of challenges that must be navigated smoothly in order to reap the benefits of the effort. Establishing transparent project management processes, navigating cultural differences, blending development methodologies, verifying vendor track records are all fundamental to productive offshore outsourcing relationships.

Warecorp has the experience, expertise, flexibility and infrastructure to help you get to where you are going.