Information Architecture

Information architecture focuses on users

Information architecture is the art and science of organizing and labeling Web sites, software, intranets, and online communities to support usability and findability.

    Good information architecture results in:

  • Products that are easier to use.
  • Information that’s easier to find and understand.
  • Higher customer satisfaction (which can lead to higher sales).
  • Product differentiation in this highly commoditized world.

Creating solid information architecture requires researching user needs and testing solutions with users. This puts the user at the core of development and leads to products that delight customers. Most teams already have members who focus on business and technology; information architects focus on the user.

IAs are responsible for how users interpret and interact with information, freeing up visual designers to concentrate on visual design elements and programmers to concentrate on code. Long before programming begins, IAs investigate customers and their needs and they factor business strategy and technology resources into solutions. This reduces the need later in the project to throw away code that doesn’t work for customers.