Business Analysis

The thinking behind the solution

Business analysis helps give projects and design the clarity necessary for success. If the application being developed is a website, the creative and technical groups create the site’s design and architecture and define application integration details. Often prototype applications and processes are developed for testing and evaluation. The business analysts refine requirements and desired state processes to clarify and improve the end result.

Business Analysis can help you define the following:

  • Functional Requirements – Identification of consumer insights, business modeling and return on investment. Strategic performance metrics defined. Audience and business agendas a thoroughly discussed.
  • Project Plans – Each phase of the project is mapped to a milestone
  • Project Infrastructure – Test, staging and servers as well as issue escalation strategies are established. Bug tracking is agreed upon. Project documentation strategies are outlined.
  • Information Architecture or GUI Design – includes audience analysis, sitemaps, workflows, content analysis, functional workflows
    Creative Concepting – Developing digital assets to build the brand experience.
  • Technology Architecture – Final technical architecture documents are conceived and approved.