Warecorp knows open source

Open Source

Warecorp is extremely active in the open source community.  We use Free and Open Source tools in our daily work, we contribute to many projects, and we help our clients navigate the real world questions of dealing with open and proprietary systems.

If you are looking for support or extensions to an existing open source system, or are unsure if an application will really fit your business needs, give us a call.

We have an established Drupal practice in DrupalSquad. We also work in Ruby extensively, and are familiar with a variety of other open source platforms. Critically, we have the experience to know when a particular application is right for your business need, and we are comfortable recommending a proprietary solution when it is most appropriate.  We take into account your ability to support and maintain a system, the environment in which it must operate and add value, the stability and maturity of a product, when making evaluations and recommendations.

We can do evaluations, installations, themes, integrations, customizations and ongoing hosting, maintenance, and support.  Let us know how we can assist!