NVIDIA On-Demand Recommendation Engine

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer NVIDIA serves customers and developers across industries including healthcare, finance, retail, robotics, engineering, energy, cybersecurity, the public sector and many more. With their technologies, products and solutions applicable to so wide an audience and their expertise in such high demand, the company turned to Warecorp to create a recommendation engine to help direct users to relevant content. 



Overwhelmed by requests and questions across industries, NVIDIA wanted one standardized, streamlined and user-friendly searchable space for site visitors to connect with the content they need and find additional information.
But how to transform a static page into a dynamic, up-to-date model offering real-time, highly relevant recommendations?


Warecorp created NVIDIA On-Demand – the online home for all NVIDIA resources from technology conferences to speeches, demos, research and more. The model is trained on user clicks, favorites and ratings and “side information” is used to further tune recommendations based on a user’s current search query, profile data, etc.

Warecorp programmed an hourly job to recalculate the model and performs real-time recommendations using “new observation” data for users based on clicks from their browsers only. This allows coverage of the “gap” by refreshing the model only once per hour. 
Warecorp also developed a search engine, video hosting and micro-frontends for the NVIDIA On-Demand experience.


Warecorp invites you to see for yourself and experience NVIDIA On-Demand! This robust resource offers the ability to create your own channel and receive smart recommendations based on searches performed within the site. Personal playlists can also be shared through a user’s social networks.

  • Needed models specific to each pool of content
  • Providing results even though there is minimal user data yet


Technology Used
  • Turicreate
  • Python 3
  • Existing and new custom APIs

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