The Right Roles


Warecorp’s founding and operating partners are personally involved in every client. Every client, and every project, can turn to one of the Warecorp partners for any issue. With this model, Warecorp does not expect to become a giant organization. Instead, Warecorp expects that all work will be done to client expectation, engendering long term relationships; we will grow because our clients will always see quality work again and again.

Project Managers

Every client is assigned a Warecorp project manager (PM). The project manager is local to your organization. A Warecorp PM does more than just manage schedules, resources, risks, and communications — our project managers become expert in your projects and in your business. The PM’s role is to make sure the connection between your local people and the offshore people is working effectively. The PM also oversees any specific onshore experts that are required for your project.

Local Experts
Every project is different, so we tune the specific roles and staff to your specific needs. For technical projects, an appropriate architect is assigned. For complex business applications, an information architect and a business analyst comes in. For design-oriented projects, we will match you to a Warecorp designer. These local experts work onsite or remotely to help you capture and define your requirements and desired state. Local experts work very closely with the offshore team throughout the project, from initial definition thru to end-delivery, to make sure all the critical nuances are met.

Offshore Project Managers

Every project has an assigned Offshore Project Manager (OPM). Our OPMs typically have been with Warecorp for 4 – 5 years and have managed multiple projects. OPM’s have a technical background, and are sometimes also the technical lead for a project. The OPM teams with the PM to make sure that all communications work properly, that the process is working for the client, that all deliverables are accurate, complete, and timely.


Individual team members, be they PHP developers, Javascript / CSS gurus, or Testers, are all active contributors to the success of the project. Warecorp staff all comes to us with education and experience and we have high standards for talent and communication. As a Warecorp employee overseas, you receive ongoing training, onsite English lessons, opportunities to attend conferences, and are encouraged to bring in new techniques, technologies, and skills to improve our clients’ projects.

Communications is key

All projects succeed or fail because of communications. Warecorp focuses on making sure ideas, deadlines, and processes are all communicated successfully in all directions. We use many tools to facilitate communications — Skype, email, interactive whiteboards, formal documentation, interactive prototypes, and tracking and monitoring tools are all components in our toolbox.

In addition to the tools and training, our processes are explicitly designed to facilitate and verify successful communications.