Field Solutions Sophia is a first-of-its kind online social teaching and learning platform that meets students where they are and offers credible academic content to anyone, anywhere, free of charge. The site,, which has been described as a mashup of Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube focused solely on education, connects people who want to learn with those willing to teach. Sophia also lets educators supplement their teaching methods with tools to create a customized learning environment.

Information on Sophia is organized in "learning packets" – bite sized tutorials tagged to specific academic subjects or topics, including standards-aligned objectives. The driving motivation behind Sophia is to provide students with the material they need in a form they want. Sophia content is also ranked and rated by users, creating a system that allows good content to rise to the top.

  • Sophia was invented and incubated in 2009 by GoKart Labs, a digital design firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After being spun off as its own organization in 2010, Sophia needed an additional web development team to assist GoKart Labs to build the prototype into a scalable, stable, feature-rich flagship product, without overreaching the limits of the Series A funds.

  • Solution
  • Warecorp built a dedicated Offshore Development Center for Sophia, complete with project management, business analysts, architecture, engineers, testers, and deployment and operations specialists. This team utilized an agile development model to facilitate split-geography development (by bringing in appropriate tools, process modifications, and communications facilities).

    An international, collaborative effort - product management was done in Minneapolis by GoKart Labs, and Warecorp completed product development in Minsk.

  • Results
  • Sophia's public beta achieved registrations from 35 countries in the first 3 days of operation, with no downtime
  • Active product release cycle: new features are launched to the public every two weeks!