CCR The Center for Courage & Renewal is a nonprofit organization that promotes the work of social philosopher and bestselling author Parker Palmer.
CCR's network of over 400 trained facilitators hold leadership retreats and conferences across the US and abroad that help educators, doctors and clergy to bring their own professional lives into closer alignment with their values. Some 20,000 people attend CCR's retreats each year.
  • As CCR has expanded, its website and communications infrastructure have not kept pace. They needed an internal community of practice for their growing network of facilitators to share knowledge and solve problems together, and to manage discussions and document-sharing between groups of staff, board members, and facilitators.

  • Solution
  • Warecorp built an intranet for CCR using a custom-branded, hosted instance of the Zanby collaboration platform. This internal network powers some 30 online groups, each featuring a message board, document repository, calendar, event-management system, and photo and video galleries. Zanby's groups-of-groups architecture allows CCR staff to monitor all content, communications and activities across their network of groups from a central dashboard and to easily communicate and share content with individuals, groups, or the entire community from one place. Since Zanby message boards are mirrored as email listserves, users can choose to participate in discussions via the website or entirely from their inbox. Since creating new Zanby groups is simple, CCR can scale the community to provide new groups for attendees of their retreats and conferences to stay in touch after their events are over.

  • Results
  • Internal community of practice: Center for Courage & Renewal's Zanby-powered intranet consists of some 30 groups for teams of facilitators, staff and board members to maintain discussions and share documents.
  • With over 30 active listserves archived in one central web interface, CCR staff can efficiently monitor and manage all discussions across the community, while users can choose to subscribe only to the discussions that pertain to them.